Overview of Cloud Computing and Recent Addendum

A. A. Izang, Y. A. Mensah, O. J. Omotosho, C. P. Obioma


Cloud computing is an emerging technology paradigm, which enable and facilitate the dynamic and versatile provision of computational solutions and helps. Despite the fact that the advantages provided by cloud computing are several, security and secrecy concern of the cloud services still race question from users. Security stance of organizations and vital infrastructures is being affected with the Use of cloud services, thus it is necessary that new threats and risks introduced by this new paradigm are clearly understood and mitigated. This paper focus on the ethical constraints in cloud computing, placing emphasis on issues that deal with cloud adoption, recent additions to the cloud, ethical issues like The shifting of control, from technology users to the third parties servicing the cloud due to outsourcing and offshoring of ICT functionality to the cloud and as well as many other issues regarding cloud computing. To this end, this paper intimate us with some new ways cloud service providers has been improving this field of study so as to improve its adoption in the world. It was discovered that cloud computing is becoming the world 5th most demanded service after crude oil, water, electricity and Telephony as stipulated by many other researcher’s in this field.


Cloud Computing, Resource allocation, Virtualization, Big Data, Cloud.

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