Vector Quantization for Satellite Image Compression

Sanjith Sathya Joseph, R. Ganesan


Image compression is the process of reducing the size of a file without humiliating the quality of the image to an unacceptable level by Human Visual System. The reduction in file size allows as to store more data in less memory and speed up the transmission process in low bandwidth also, in case of satellite images it reduces the time required for the image to reach the ground station. In order to increase the transmission process compression plays an important role in remote sensing images.  This paper presents a coding scheme for satellite images using Vector Quantization. And it is a well-known technique for signal compression, and it is also the generalization of the scalar quantization.  The given satellite image is compressed using VCDemo software by creating codebooks for vector quantization and the quality of the compressed and decompressed image is compared by the Mean Square Error, Signal to Noise Ratio, Peak Signal to Noise Ratio values.


Satellite Image Compression; Vector Quantization; MSE; SNR; PSNR

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