Microwave Photonic Filter Using Optical Heterodyning with Least Signal Distortion Upto 10 Gbps

Vijay Mishra, Sumit Gupta


Microwave photonics and its application in signal processing is a field of intensive research and has been attracting new researchers from past few decades. Processing of microwave or mm-wave signal in optical domain came into picture in the early 90s which works on the concept of delay lines filters such as FIR or IIR filters, later on coherent photonic filters starts gaining its popularity. This paper proposes a novel microwave photonic filter architecture of a coherent regime which is simple to setup and provides better bandwidth. The working principle behind this filter is closely related to optical heterodyning so that high power output can be recovered at the photodiode. In, optical communication to recover data at receiver end, we need a clock recovery and data recovery circuit after an optical receiver, but these recovery circuits are quite complex in structure, thus, this filter provides least distorted high power output so that data can be recovered without using a recovery circuit.


Microwave photonics, FBGs, optical heterodyning, photonic filter.

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