Effective Multi-Layer Security for Campus Network

Isiaka Ajewale Alimi


The development in different communication systems as well as multimedia applications and services leads to high rate of Internet usage. However, transmission of information over such networks can be compromised and security breaches such as virus, denial of service, unauthorized access, and theft of proprietary information which may have devastating impact on the system may occur if adequate security measures are not employed. Consequently, building viable, effective, and safe network is one of the main technical challenges of information transmission in campus networks. Furthermore, it has been observed that, network threats and attacks exist from the lower layers of network traffic to the application layer; therefore, this paper proposes an effective multi-layer firewall system for augmenting the functionalities of other network security technologies due to the fact that, irrespective of the type of access control being employed, attacks are still bound to occur. The effectiveness of the proposed network architecture is demonstrated using Cisco Packet Tracer. The simulation results show that, implementation of the proposed topology is viable and offers reasonable degree of security at different network layers.


campus network; firewall; network security; intrusion detection systems; demilitarized zone

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