Development of a Microcontroller Based Low Distortion Modified Push-Pull Power Inverter

Abiodun Alani Ogunseye, Taofik Titus Ogunseye


Abstract— Some measures of merit of an inverter system are the total harmonic distortion and the efficiency figures. On one hand, we have square wave and modified square wave inverters that have high efficiency and total harmonic distortion (THD) figures. On the other hand, there are the true sine wave inverters that have low THDs and relatively low efficiency figures at high output power levels. In this work, a five level waveform that can be synthesized efficiently was analysed for low distortion figures, and a THD figure of 1.25% was obtained. A microcontroller-based inverter circuit was designed to synthesize this waveform from a 12 volts d.c source. The microcontroller firmware and hardware were developed using MicroC® and Proteus® softwares respectively. The developed circuit generated a 50 Hz sinusoidal output waveform from a 12 volts battery source after filtering with an LC low pass filter.    


Microcontroller, Five level Waveform, Push Pull inverter, Total Harmonic Distortion

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